Seal Confirmation Information

Thank you for your confirmation.

We ask that you have all vehicles out of your garage and off the pavement by 7:30AM. Schedules are typically set between 1PM-3PM the day before your scheduled day. (If your seal project is scheduled over a weekend then we should have an approximate time for you on Friday afternoon.)

Please give us a call the day before your scheduled day if you would like to have a better idea of the crew’s arrival time. After your driveway is sealed, PLEASE KEEP VEHICLES OFF THE DRIVEWAY FOR 48 HOURS TO ALLOW THE MATERIALS TO CURE PROPERLY. You should be able to walk on the pavement the next day but do not drive on it until it has dried. When the crew is finished they will block the driveway with flagging tape so nobody drives on the newly sealed pavement.

You can leave payment in a sealed envelope on your front door should you desire. Otherwise, an invoice will be sent to you via email or text. We ask that you make your payment within 7 days of completion. If we have to cancel due to a change in weather we will notify you via email and text message. We will notify you of the reschedule date once it’s determined. Thank you for being our customer! We’re sincerely glad to have you and our goal will be to keep you forever! Please let us know should you have any questions. We look forward to completing your project and we’ll see you soon!


The Parisi Paving Team