Thank you for confirming your Paving Prep Date.

We ask that you have vehicles off the driveway and out of the garage at 7:00AM on your scheduled prep day. Please park vehicles on the street a little bit away from the end of your driveway so we have room for our trucks and equipment that will be at your job. We will remove the existing pavement and get the stone base ready for paving. When we are finished you will have a nice smooth gravel driveway. You will be able to use your driveway as normal between the prep day and the day we return to install the pavement. It’s good to use the stone because it will help further compact the stone base. You will not hurt the stone so please use the driveway as normal. If your project has a permit and requires an inspection we will schedule the inspection. We will contact you once the installation date has been scheduled.
Your estimator will contact you to confirm the approximate time for our crews arrival. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact your estimator directly or give us a call in the office. If there are any changes to the schedule due to weather we will contact you with a reschedule date.
Thank you for being our customer. We’re looking forward to starting your paving project.
The Parisi Paving Team