Your Pave Install Date is Confirmed

Thank you for confirming the installation of your asphalt pavement.
We ask that you have your vehicles off the area being paved and out of the garage by 7:00AM on your scheduled pave day. Please park vehicles on the street a little bit away from the end of your driveway so we have room for our trucks and equipment that will be at your job We will be installing your new asphalt pavement. We will need access to an outside water spigot and also the garage door open to allow room for our workers and rollers.
When we are finished paving we will block the driveway with marking tape to prevent cars from driving on the new asphalt. The new pavement will be very warm when we are finished. Please keep children and pets off the new pavement. We don’t want our little (future) customers or the paws of your pets to get burned. You will be able to walk on the new pavement the following morning after it is paved. Please refrain from driving any vehicles on the pavement for 5-7 days from completion. Your final payment will be due in full at the time of completion. Your estimator or the job foreman will collect payment from you at the time of completion.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact your estimator directly or give us a call in the office. If there are any changes to the schedule due to weather we will contact you with a reschedule date.
Thank you for being our customer. We’re looking forward to installing your new asphalt.
The Parisi Paving Team